MEET & Mistress Paulina

Après Nous, Le Déluge.

I am a Pro Domme and Female Supremacist of Pure Russian descent. I’ve been a dominant since as far back as I my recollection can carry me. I have an intensely explosive passion for perversion that is reaching limitlessly and knows of no boundaries. It holds aim to entrance, then enslave you. With mystical Domina charms comparable to only that of a true Siren.  

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“Diaries Of the Domina” is a glimpse into my every day world for those who are curious as to what really goes on “behind the scenes” in the life a pro Domme living it 24/7.  What exactly is it like to live this fantasy in the real world?  


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, because every picture has a story to tell. Step into my world. Open your eyes and mind to this realm of possibilities.


Small Dicks, Sissy sluts, and Losers are all exposed here.  View how pathetic are some men really are! A gallery of humiliation that will put even the most proud men to shame.

Mistress Paulina

A Female Supremacist with a Passion for Perversion

Female Domination

by Mistress Paulina

I am a sensual Sadist, and with my wit, words and beauty, i will entrance you, hypnotize you and make you fall to your knees, submitting without objection to my every whim. 


Female Supremacy

by Mistress Paulina

I am a unique and powerful Female Supremacist.  I posses a great passion to rule men and tear down the walls of the currently established patriarchy. I believe that the future will be a Female ruled world, and I am doing my part to make my idea of dynamic matriarchy a reality.


Feminization Sissy Sluts Training

by Mistress Paulina

Watch as my slaves are trained to put on makeup, the basics of posture training, how to walk in high heels. Watch these men wear ladies panties, experience cuckolding, become a cum dump, Forced bi sessions, and Strap-on Training.


Financial Domination

by Mistress Paulina

Money is an ultimate aphrodisiac for this Cold Blooded Russian – Mistress Paulina.  Financial Domination, cash point meets, consensual black mail fantasy, exposure, humiliation, public exposure.  FINANCIAL DOMINATION

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