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Want to see the good stuff? Of course you do. Join my fan club and see what could be yours with a Live Exclusive. There you will find over 500 intimate and candid photos, 40 exclusive video clips, and the infamous Wall of Consensual Shame. Uncensored and found nowhere else. Yes, I am that exclusive. And worth every spurt of your orgasmic response. So grab your laptop and your favorite toys, lock the bathroom door, and let your fantasies fly.

Returning to the world of a Professional Dominatrix was not hard.  Many of my slaves, subs and Domme friends had not forgotten me, and were thrilled to welcome me back.  I initially became a Dominatrix because of the lucrative business aspects to this career, but now return because is a personal passion of mine: the adrenaline, the adoration, the absolute control and power.

“Behind The Scenes” is a glimpse into my everyday world for those who are curious about what goes on in the life a Pro-Domme living it 24/7.  What exactly is it like to live this fantasy in the real world? Here, you can get a sneak peek at the intimate details of my professional lifestyle—what events I am planning to attend, what I may be in the mood to wear for my next session, what kinds of filming or photography projects I have coming up and my future travel plans.

Get behind the camera for a first person point of view. Honest, candid and explicit, “Behind The Scenes” tells it all. Subscribe now for an all-access pass into my world: