Great news, I have finally updated my address on Amazon Wish List.  I know many of you have asked me many times for the address.  It seems like since I moved to my homestead, either I had to prepare for hurricanes, the storms and the tornados or even for frost.  Moving from the MEGA city to “in the middle of nowhere” did bring some challenges.  Although, it did all looked good on the Pinterest, those beautiful cabins surrounded by the primitive nature, tranquil waters, wild flowers and green lush, it was not what I had to face in reality.  Yes, the nature around was magical.  However, I have no predicted that as the sun went down, the alligators, the bears, not to forget to mention the hundreds of raccoons and other unknown to me animals were gathering at my property to feast on my tropical garden, which I planted.

Anyhow, I have finally found the time to organize it all and most importantly to update the address on my Amazon Wish List.  Below, you can see my favorite items. You can spoil your Mistress, by getting me some boots to walk around in my swamp, some lights that I will use to shoot more content and the comfy garden chair, so I can edit it all, some gorgeous lipstick, so I’d look pretty and the whip of cause, so I can whip the alligator crawling up onto my patio, as I am trying to edit all the content.

Please address all the gifts to Two Season Gallery.  More info on this will be in my next blog post.

I am looking forward to all the gifts. My loyal fans, as you know it is greatly appreciate.

Never Truly Yours,

Domina Paulina