There are many ways where you can reach me, e-mail (PPV), text, phone, or live CAM.  Below are the links to the platforms.  Pick your favorite site, perv and see you on the other side.


I no longer accept the common class of hands-on clients. My online services, chat, and private camera-to-camera sessions will more than satisfy your deepest desires. Then you can see what your mind and body hungers for, and hear my voice commanding you.

If you seek exception to my rule, you must of outstanding character and experience. If you want me, I will come, but prepared to pay for the privilege. I do not work out of a dungeon, nor will I see you at my residence. I do however enjoy traveling in the lap of luxury—as a first-class Domme must be treated. And when I do arrive at a place and time of my choosing, you will surrender your body and soul to me, for I am worth every glistening drop of ecstasy your body emits.

IMPORTANT: Only e-mail me if you are enquiring about a private online session or a custom clip. If you have a quick question or “want to chat,” above are the links to the platforms where I am available for communication.  Choose the poison of your choice.

Those who ignore my order will be blacklisted. You and you will never receive a reply, no matter how sincere you plead for mercy or beg for my forgiveness. The sobs of your sorrow will only feed my sadistic appetite. So be warned. More information is available at

E-Mail Etiquette