E-mail Etiquette


REAL TIME: When you are e-mailing me about the Real Time Session, be sure to include all the information that is stated in MY RULES, that is your legal name, references and the information about the deposit, etc. Elaborate yourself on the type of the session that you like to have.

ONLINE SERVITUDE: When you are e-mailing me about scheduling an Online Cam Session, be sure to include your available times, the time you want to spend with me and a full payment. Be Sure to take look at my FETISH page before you do to make sure our Fetishes are match.

CUSTOM CLIPS. When you are e-mailing me about the purchase of the Custom Clip, be sure to check my FETISH page to see if I am comfortable doing it and that it is not on MY LIMIT list. Elaborate your desired scenarios and I will send you a quote.

PERSONAL/VIDEO SLAVE: Make sure to provide the few links of the videos that you previously shoot and/or the references for the consideration. We can talk after I clear all your references.

TO PURCHASE THE USED ITEMS: Elaborate which items are you interested in purchasing, i.e. Dirty panties, abused shoes, the ash from my cigarette that you can lick, etc

All the other e-mails, where you just want to say “hi,” wanted to see how I am doing or have a small talk, will be ignored and not be answered. Welcome to go to NiteFlirt and/or OnlyFans, where you can use Pay-to View option for all the e-mails that you wish to send me. You can, also, text me there, and / or call. The set rates will be applied.

I am looking forward to hear from you,

Mistress Paulina