Enter a world of fetish and fantasy. 

What is your fetish?  Do you wish to serve your Goddess live on cam?  Connect me for some Online Domination.


Do you want to see me live? Talk to me in realtime? Seek my permission to hurt yourself? To show me how proud you are to accept pain even as I ask for more and more and more! ?  My Domina Paulina BDSM Cam is just a blissful click away. 

Does your soul ache for a strong woman to take control of your entire body? Visit my room to experience your total surrender and see the gorgeous woman who demands it. As a pro-Domme, I have absorbed the whines and whimpers of subs for many years. Some had limits beyond the reach of little boys. Some had no limits. I loved those! They received my full fury. 

I know every flinch, every gesture of real subordination. Every pathetic fearful reaction in fear of what I will next command you to do to yourself

. I feed on it. I am hungry for more. I crave it. Feed me little one. Kneel and deliver your tribute with absolute humility, and I may choose to transform your fantasy into reality.

Are you a Bad Boy with a shy cock? Visit my room, and I will lead you into the light where I can see your quivering little cock. Get it ready and hard, and be prepared to follow my orders without question. I want to see it twitching with anticipation. I want to slap it with my riding crop. Be my little pony and get it up! With your generous tribute, we’re off to the races. 

I will not submit to or switch for anyone. You will never see me fully naked, so all you Bad Boys will have to jerk off to that particular fantasy. I get off seeing you on CAM enduring pain and humiliation at my order. 

I want to see actual pain in your eyes and feel your sincere devotion to my orders, no matter how sadistic. And I can be very sadistic. It is my specialty. Do not even try to fake your responses. My Domme experience spans the globe. I can detect fake from real in an instant. 

To guarantee an exclusive one-on-one session, make an appointment for a BDSM Cam Session on Skype. On CAM sites that I use, I might or might not be available on the stated schedule or am in a private booking. The pleading requests of anyone who visits my CAM sites are subject to my whims. The higher the tribute, the higher my attention to your desires. Get in line. 

If you got this far, you know what you must do. So do it. Now! I am waiting.


MON: 8:30am – 1:00pm

TUE: 8:00pm – noon

WED: 8:00pm – noon

TH: 8:30am to 1:00pm

FR: 8:30am to 2:00pm

SAT: 8:30am to 2:00pm

SUN: 8:30am – 2:00pm

* If NO CAM, but I can be available for an e-mail, text, call on NiteFlirt, SextPanther, and iWantClips

More or less, I am on the schedule, however, I might or may not be available during the above stated times.

I have been doing sessions on CAM about one year ago and here is what some of my loyal pets say

CLICK THIS LINK > dominapaulina.cammodels.com