Mistress Paulina, is a sultry, mysterious, intoxicating, and provocative Mistress. A sensuous Sadist, that will hypnotically bring you to your knees, as you submit to her ever whim. A unique female supremacist, that knows how to enslave you with her magical dominant charms. known for her enticing beauty as she weaves her spider web of total control, Dominace and pain, until you submit to her wants and needs, “Its only about her”. A once in a life time experience as she controls you with Artistic, creative bondage and pleasure. Intuitively knows what you need. Multifaceted in administering pain as she so desires. You will become putty in her hand. A stunning beauty that has a enormous appetite to bringing men to there true subservient nature! Mistress Paulina is a far cry from most Dominas, she is in a class so above the fray of unequal magnitudes. If she chooses you, and are one of the few, who may be worthy to be in her Presence, consider it a gift from the Goddess as you become one of her addicted minions of thankfulness and ingratiating gratitude!

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