Life is a bitch when you become Mistress’ Paulina’s bitch

And here he was a naive little boy, who cried like a pony and jump like a bunny, always wearing his sock in a sunny state of Florida that is.

A bitch was loyal, a bitch was a bitch.  He’d call on Niteflirt when he missed me on CAM.

Bitch has tasks!  Among many, he has to stack a one-dollar bill up to his ass.  Since he was not an anal sissy that all it could fit in there. He was ordered to go to sleep with the same dirty dollar bill for days, till he finds that one special person to give this dollar bill to and then he’d give it to that someone, the someone he did not like. For that was my order, Mistress Paulina’s order!

Ah, the warmth burning sensation on his skin.  The little’s bitch ass was covered by a heart drawn in a red lipstick…

He dances funny dance and was ordered to learn Jimmy Jimmy – Aaja Aaja…. To be performed and dressed in. A trash bag…

Ah, my little bitch,  you make me laugh every night.

Now, get on your knees and kiss my ass.

Never Truly Yours,

Mistress Paulina