Coronavirus Pandemic has been a curse and a blessing to me.   

While back, I took a long break from being a Professional Dominatrix to deal with my personal matters.  I was excited to go back into the field, for I truly missed my devoted slaves, my obedient submissive, and simply all my fans.  Most importantly, I craved the Perverted Lifestyle and being myself.

Just right before the Pandemic started, I’ve moved to my new residence.  The new place needed to be remodeled to my liking. The land that surrounds the place also needed a lot of work. The preparation for the hurricane season was essential. The pandemic hit suddenly without any warning.  I was not prepared.

COVID-19: The number of men, who have been suppressed and placed under the pressure is tremendous.  To top that, all the citizens were placed on Stay-Home-Order, meaning pretty much being locked up without any possibility to release the stress, the stress that has accumulated from losing jobs, businesses, and overall stability. Men lost control.  Men were lost.

Even prior to the Pandemic, I was intending to move my Dominatrix business online.  Yet, with Pandemic, my online business grew almost overnight.  Yes, seen one in Real Life Session is an ultimate pleasure. The ability to engage in the consensual play helped me to deal with my own trauma.   As a matter of fact, dealing with my own trauma brought me to the BDSM scene in the first place.  It helped me tremendously, thus I became a Professional Dominatrix.  I am here to help others, to help men; the lost, submissive men.  Everyone needs guidance, every one needs care and love.   

With Coronavirus Pandemic, I stopped Real Life Sessions.  It was disappointing to me to deal with men who begged me to see them in Real Life Sessions during the Pandemic, knowing that the dungeons were closed.  Many of them have insisted just to come to my own private residence.  Some started to offer a lesser rate, explaining that the economy is ruined and that this might help me to make up my mind and give them a significantly lesser rate.  Little that they know that my online business income has quadrupled.  Men went online. 

Just because of that unpleasant experience of men trying to take advantage of the situation during the Coronavirus Pandemic, I no longer offer Real Life Sessions to most men.  Good thing, I do not need the money, for my vanilla business is efficiently supporting my lifestyle.  On that note, I might make an exception or two and still see one in Real Life Sessions, however, and at the rate that is best described as “Reassuringly Expensive.”  Oh yes, and the verifiable references are a must!

Coronavirus Pandemic has been a curse and a blessing to me.  At the current time, I am working as an On-Line Professional Dominatrix 10-16 hours day, 6 days per week.  This left no time to remodel my place or to keep up with the land outside.  I am not looking forward to the hurricane season, for I am nowhere near to be prepared for it! 

Being a Professional Dominatrix consumes all my time and I am happy about it, for I truly love what I do.  I am passionate about what I do, especially in times like now.  So many men are in need of taking their mind off the stress that surrounds them, need help to deal with the pressure and the trauma.  It is a bit of funky analogy, but I truly feel like I am a doctor at the war front filed, helping out mankind, helloing men not to go crazy. 

I know the times are tough and some might are suffering from the financial losses, thus I am putting content and on several different platforms offering online domination sessions at various packages.  I am available for online text, call, CAM, and e-mail sessions.  Go through my website and see what platform works best for you and you on the other side.

Let’s Get Kinky!

Never Truly Yours,

Mistress Paulina