Online Slave Application

Here is the order that you must follow.  Be a good boy.

Read it.

Print it.

Complete it.

Sign it

Scan it or Take a picture of it with your phone

E-mail it Back.

Pay for my Skype ID $5.00. The promotion rate is $1.00 per minute for a webcam meet up.  The promotion is good till May 22nd.  Thereafter the rate goes back to $6.00 per minute.

The slave who would see me on regular basis, will get a major discount after May 22nd.  The rate of $1.00 might be “grandfathered” depending of how one behaives.

The Skype session must by schedule with at least 48 to 72 hours in advance.

There is another option to see me on WEBCAM that does not require Skype, see my CAM page.  The rate is there $5.99 per minute.  I may or may not be available.  The schedule is posted, but subject to change.  My schedule is based on Eastern Standart Time.

I am available during early mornings and most evenings.  I am not available at night.  I sleep at night.

There is a lot of fetishes that the online slave application does not mention.  Be open and tell me everything.  Think of me as of your therapist. I lived all my fantasies, so what about you?

Ready to complete online slave application?  Do it Now.

Or welcome to go to my  direct to my CAM PAGE  for some abuse and humiliation.

Well, see you on the other side

Mistress Paulina

Disclosure: Do not e-mail me talking about the session you want. If you want to discuss in detail the fetish you like and have a very specific scenario welcome to call me on my sex phone line at NiteFlirt.  Welcome to talk as much as you like about it.