Submissive Mind.

So What is Going on in Submissive Mind?

I’m just writing to express my incredible gratitude to Mistress Paulina for allowing me to apply and considering me for her sissy maid-slave position.
     My goal is to show her how well that I can serve her by being totally obedient to her every wish. Understanding that my value lies in how much use that  I can be to Mistress Paulina.
     Anticipating how wonderful it will be to be in her power. Wondering how much control that she will take? Uncertain as to what my status will be in her domain?
     These and many other thoughts are taking over my mind. Realizing that I have no control over any of them and that my Queen will make all decisions. And I will obey, because she has emasculated me using forced feminization to take complete control of me. I will be a helpless sissy in her hands. I crave being used abused and humiliated by her as her sissy maid slave.
    I’m so looking forward to scrubbing and cleaning for her to high detail under strict control. Cleaning the floors on my hands and knees, being her toilet cleaner and making it sparkle and shine, being responsible for and being disciplined for any and all dirt in her home.
     Polishing mirrors, scrubbing tile with a toothbrush, cleaning all surfaces, vacuuming and dusting. Doing laundry ironing and folding to her exact specifications.
     Hoping that she will take control of everything, what I do, what I eat, when I can use the bathroom,… Everything… Begging her to use all means possible to train me and ensure that I am in total obedience at all times.
       I anticipate and crave being her video slave. Enduring whatever pain, suffering, humiliation and degradation with gratitude to my Queen and so that she can make money off of the videos. It would make me feel very special being pimped out in this way or any way that she wants. Maybe she will make me be used for bisexual oral sex. Maybe I’ll be made to do the most degrading things. Maybe she will pee on me. Very excited anticipating being humiliated I such an incredible dominant woman!
     Mistress Paulina obviously can get any man that she wants to be her slave. The young hot boys and men of all descriptions will fall to their knees for such a queen.
     In order to compete with all of these other types of slaves, I must be more devoted, more obedient, more energetic in my work assignments,be more precise and detailed as to what the Mistress wants me to do and doing it exactly to her every requirement.
     I have no agenda other than pleasing my Superior…. Mistress Paulina. I crave her strict demands and cruel ways. Russian women can be the most dominant and cruel owners and I crave that so much and anticipate any cruel treatment with gratitude.hoping that she enjoys humiliating me publicly and privately.
     Bottom line is, no matter what I crave no matter what I desire it is insignificant compared to fulfilling the wishes of and being obedient to Mistress  Paulina….
Respectfully submitted, sissy fluffy
Submissive Mind nevet stops wondering…

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