Entertain me. I want to hear from you. I love to read.  I live for humiliation, so send me your stories, your dirty secrets.  If I like a story I might make POV clip and that way you will get it at the regular price and not the price of a custom clip.  

Also, get some of the toys and use them on yourself.   


You must work very hard to prove that you are worthy of my attention.  There are a few different ways where you can find yourself useful. 

IMPORTANT: Submit me all your assignment reports via e-mail, but do not expect any reply from me, nor you are allowed to follow up on it.  If I need, I would reach out to you myself.  If you desire an interaction with me, go to my CAM, Phone or Chat platforms.  The schedule of my availability is stated on this website

Assignment #1:  Write how do you see yourself of service to me.  What services can you provide for me?  The article must be at least 300 words.

Assignment #2:  Write your wildest fantasy. The article must be at least 300 words.

Assignment #3:  Clean your entire floor with the toothbrush.  

Assignment #4:  Dress up sexy.  Send me pictures of you dressed like a woman.

Assignment #5:  Write the definition of obedience.  The article must be 1000 words.

Assignment #6:  Write a meditation about our submission to me, your devotion and say it every single night before you go to sleep.  Send me a copy of that meditation.

Assignment #7: Stand in the corner for one hour each day, thinking about me. 

Assignment #8: Buy 3 toys from the sex store