Mistress Paulina Chastity Mistress

Do you dream about Me controlling your dick and orgasms?  Yes, you do, I know.

Chastity is on the top of my most favorite fetishes. Nothing pleases me more than I know that a man can’t cum.  For a chastity device made of hard materials like metal (Chrome, RVS, Aluminum) it is important to choose the right size so that it limits the good hard erection, but it doesn’t squeeze the balls or ball sack with all consequences of it.  If you have the device already, great. If you do not have the device and need to purchase it, make sure but the right size!

There are many ways of how we can approach locking you in chastity.  We can do it via a CAM, or a phone, or a text or even e-mail.  On occasion, even a cage is not necessary.  A mental chastity is also an option.

At least, twice per week you will need to contact me that I can monitor that My property is still safely secured.   In some cases, you’ll receive instructions or assignments.

Contact me so we can tailor your sessions.  I approach each and every different. I am an intuitive Domme.

Locktober 2020 was a very busy month.  I have stayed up three days in the raw locking boys in chastity, staying up sometimes till 2:00 am or even 4:00 am.

Locktober 2019 was amazing and many slaves spend the entire month in chastity.

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