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Do you want sissy assignments?

First thing to understand is that you are a sissy. Not a man, not a woman, but an emasculated male known as a sissy. I will make you wear the most ridiculous sissy outfits to strip every bit of masculinity from your core.You will obey without question, because you deeply need to be emasculated in this way.
     In one of the Sissy Assignmernts, you will learn to be useful to women  as a domestic sissy maid. Yes, you will be scrubbing and cleaning and removing all dirt from your Mistress’s premises. You will be trained to clean every surface to absolute perfection,because when I inspect it, you will be expected to lick whatever dirt that you have missed. You will learn quickly to be a perfect detail oriented cleaning machine! You are responsible for and will be held accountable for every bit of dirt, stain or mark in your assigned cleaning area. I will inflict severe punishment should your cleaning not be absolutely perfect. You will learn to do things my way.
     You will not be allowed to do any masculine type activities, and you will learn to do highly detailed laundry, hand washing, ironing and folding. Everything will be done with a time limit and consequences for imperfect work or work not completed within the time limit.
      You will always be feminized in some way, sometimes in full formal maids attire or a little girl sissy dress. It can also be something as simple as a chiffon scarf tied on your head with a frilly apron, or a maids scrub outfit for deep cleaning. You will wear what I tell you to wear or what I put on you, no matter how ridiculous or humiliating.
     A remote-controlled electric shocker will be put on your leg or your private parts. You will always have this on and I will have the remote to summon you at any time. When you are summoned you will come to me wherever I am and deeply curtsy and hold your curtsy until I tell you to rise. This could be quite a long time, or a short time holding a curtsy for me. After telling you to rise, I will then address you as to why I buzzed you and give you further instructions. The electric shocker can be adjusted to higher levels for discipline and punishment!
     Versatility and complete submission is the trademark of my trained sissy’s. You will be trained this way as well. You will learn to properly execute formal table service, to properly serve drinks in a social setting, to walk properly as a sissy, to sit properly, to curtsy properly and you’ll be trained to be an enthusiastic cock sucker and pussy worshiper. Your sexual satisfaction is of no consequence and you will mostly be kept in a chastity device. You may be allowed to masturbate on occasion as a reward.
     Position training will be inflicted upon you. You will hold difficult positions including standing in the corner or standing as a statue in an uncomfortable position for various lengths of time depending upon the amount of correction needed.
     In the sissy assignments, humiliation will be central to your life. As a humiliated sissy maid scrubbing  on hands and knees,or being put in very ridiculous outfits and sent out in public while you’re Superior watches from a distance. It is always fun to watch the sissy be completely mortified in a public setting while I watch from a distance and text the sissy as to where she should go and stand or what she should purchase. Fun for me, very humiliating for you.
     What you eat,and when you are allowed to go to the bathroom will be controlled by me 100%.You will not eat the same food as your superiors,as you are a slave and will eat slave food. You may be required to drink a lot of water and then not be allowed to go to the bathroom until a particular task is completed. Permission must always be asked for bathroom privilege.
     Strict obedience will be enforced and there will be consequences for any infractions no matter how small. So if you are serious about being my sissy maid, then prepare to be obedient and endure strict sissy maid training. You will learn to be completely obedient and submissive to me and you will be used ,abused ,and humiliated as I see fit. Submit to me now for the sissy training that you have been craving. I will turn you into an emasculated useful sissy maid and you will love it!

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