Obsession is a restless beast, yet one prepared to wait.

No easy effort when the object is so far removed.

And neither time nor distance makes desire dissipate.

Preoccupation strengthens, my experience has proved.

I need Mistress Paulina like the water and the air.

My spiritual sustenance…

 I am Mistress Paulina’s slave

And this gift which my goddess gave

Inspires me to praise her

On a pedestal raise her

To serve her is all that I crave!

Sweet Mistress Paulina, would I were away

From my shrewish wife for but a day

I’d gratefully kneel at your lithesome feet

Stripped of my clothing, your slave complete.

Awaiting what punishment lay in store

From the lovely domina I so adore.

In Church, I Think About My Mistress Fair

In church, I think about my mistress fair.

My unsuspecting wife sits feet away.

These wanton fantasies I do not dare

To anyone except the priest relay.

Abandon Ms. Paulina? Not a chance.

For only she can truly satisfy

Unorthodox desires. I drop my pants

And get release, without which I would die.

Just give me Ms. Paulina’s lightning palm

Flashing back and forth across my face.

No need for Gilead or any balm

The Russian princess puts me in my place.

I totally surrender, Ms. Paulina.

Even in church, I worship my domina. 

But the lovely Ms. Paulina lets her lowly slave indulge

My dreams of degradation, where exposed, I bare my soul

As well as every inch of naked flesh I wear: no stone unturned.”

When she says “sit” or “stand” or “kneel,” or any else, I will obey.

At first, I was a confused, but how to please her I have learned.

When I meet Mistress, in the flesh, my face, at first, will touch her toes

At which point I’ll sniff and lick & worship, Ms Paulina’s feet

If she permits, I will process & kiss my way up supple thighs

Perhaps she will be pleased with me and turn my face into her seat.

If she is to smother me, I know no better way to die

Than under her resplendent rump, my hands and feet tightly bound.

In paradise I soon would be, paradise while still alive.

Hopefully, her sexy voice would be final sound.

Whenever I am plagued by conscience due to what we share

I am reminded that my wife can be too much to bear

Without my mistress, meting out much-needed discipline.

I am a fly trapped in Mistress Paulina’s web of sin!

Why bother struggling? I have no desire to escape

Use me and abuse me, Mistress. Financially rape

Your helpless, hopeless, happy slave. For you I draw my breath.

Sit on my pathetic face,‘til I’m an inch from death.

But please, my regal princess, do not suffocate your slave.

Though any punishment save death, my goddess, I will brave.

Of course, with Skype, there is a limit to what we can do

Yet I am patient, still a distant slave, but always true.

An Italian Sonnet For My Russian Mistress

She represents all that which I desire
This dark, delightful domme who holds me fast
Within her iron, silky grip. At last
I’ve met a lady whom I never tire

Of serving, and each day I’m closer drawn
To Ms. Paulina, despite many miles.
She expertly employs her woman’s wiles
Demanding worship, causing me to fawn

On Mistress and to kneel before her grace.
How eagerly this faithful slave awaits
Her sexy voice, her image on my screen

That tempting, taunting look upon her face
My inhibitions quickly dissipate.

And nothing she commands is too obscene!

Double Domme Delight

How thrilling that the Russian Princess saw

A proxy domme humiliate her slave.

With strap-on, fingers, fist, she reamed him raw.

The poor submissive, anything but brave

Began to beg for mercy, then to cry.

Though afterwards admitted he had fun.

While being fisted, claimed that he would die.

The East Coast dominatrix would hear none

Of all his wimpy whining. Cries of pain

Delight a dominatrix, and the pair

Of strong-willed women just could not refrain

From laughing with delight at his despair.

But in the end, the slave was glad he served

Two mistresses, and got what he deserved.

In gratitude for all you do, and all that you have done
I proffer you this gleaming gift to show my gratitude.
Whoever dreamed that distant domination was such fun?
My Mistress clad in blouse and jeans, while I kneel in the nude.
Although I sometimes balk as tasks I’m ordered to perform
The Russian princess reprimands me patiently, I think.
When called upon to do something that isn’t quite the norm
Eventually, I comply, and even gladly drink *
That which I drank an hour before, because I want to please
My sexy Slavic siren, who reclines and sips her tea
Or beer or wine or vodka or whatever will appease
Paulina’s thirst as she observes my true servility

* by “drink” my slave means drinking his own piss. That is my favorite thing to watch! Finally, he learned how to finish the glass to its very end.