Is the Personal House Slave Opportunity possible? The answer is YES, there is a possibility to be my personal slave and it might be even a live-in position.  Before you get all excited and spend $100.00 on the slave application, read the following conditions, and see if you even qualify.   Yes, the entry barrier entry is high.  Think of the job application. Do you have what it takes?

Note: All boxes must be checked [ ]  No expansions will be made, except for a VIDEO SLAVE, who wants to shoot with me.  One must be in the Adult Fetish industry.

QUALIFICATIONS for Personal House Slave Opportunity:

[   ]  One must serve me In-Person Professional Sessions for at least 6 months.

[   ]  Ond must be younger than me. 

[   ]  One must complete a Slave Application for a consideration See: SLAVE APPLICATION.

[   ]  One must go through a criminal background check.  So, if you are, for example, FetishSub007 from FetLife, who does not want to reveal his identity for x y z reasons, go grab a big bottle of lube and keep on with your fantasies.

[   ]  One must not be married.  Married men are absolutely welcomed to have a PAID SESSION with me.

[   ]  One must have some type of verifiable stable income.

[   ]  One must be physically fit.  Heavy lifting is required.

[   ]  One must be mentally stable.

[   ]  One must have no drama.  I have zero tolerance for drama, therefore one will be immediately dismissed without any warning in the event if it arises.

[   ]  One must have a resume and verifiable references.

PREFERENCES for Personal House Slave Opportunity:

The ideal candidate would be a heavy masochist, humiliation enthusiast and/or a strap-on connoisseur.

You are dreaming of being owned by a powerful, sadistic Dominatrix, who will use you for her needs.  Your fantasies are so intense!   It is your destiny!  You are picturing yourself dressed in all pink or tied up in chains, as I am walking to the room in my high heels, dressed all in latex, caring a whip, or wearing a huge strap on and bending you over….. Those are all fantasies.  Serving me will not be a scene from your favorite porn that you are watching every day.  So, stop dreaming.  Do you want to be used for my needs? Below are my needs.

Note: Then more boxes you check [ ] then higher the possibility that I will consider you for the personal slave position.  At least two of the checkboxes must be checked.  I do not expect anyone to be as good as I am, but the basic skills are required.

At any given moment, I am involved in several projects in various stages of development.   I am a host on, the platform that allows Volunteers or “Workawayers”, connect with the host.  The Volunteers are expected to contribute a pre-agreed amount of time per day in exchange for lodging and food, which is provided by their host.  I’ve decided to expend this offer or an opportunity to the submissives, who urge to serve.

[   ]  HANDYMAN and CONSTRUCTION: Have the basic knowledge of how to use professional home improvement tools, such as the nail gun, the cement mixer, the chain saw, etc.  Have the mid to advanced knowledge of how to do the tile, the basic framing, the roofing, the painting, the windows installation, the drywall installation and etc.  Plumbing and electricity skills are not required but would be a big plus.  The proof of projects completed is required.

[   ]  PERMACULTURE FOREST: Installing or Fixing Fences, Digging and Installing Trees, Mulch Spreading, Build Compost Piles, Cutting Tree Branches, Cutting Grass, Trimming Bushes, Moving Pots, Cleaning Debris.   Heavy lifting and the ability not to freak out when you see the wild species, such as banana spiders and/or an alligator are required. If you are not familiar with Florida, here is the hint, you will not be standing there with the garden clippers, looking pretty, clipping roses, you will be working outside in always hot and 95% humidity weather dealing with 8 feet of grass and a machete… Have I mentioned 50 species of snakes?  Got the picture?

[   ]  DOMESTIC SERVITUDE: Making and Serving strong black Coffee, Basic Cooking, Deep Cleaning, Organizing, Taking Inventory, Playing with My Feral Cats. (Heavy Lifting is required)

[   ]  CREATIVE SLAVE:  Serve me as a talent in my videos, Video Editing, Photographer, Videographer, Writing Skills, and Promotions.

[   ]  List any other skills that you might have

Still interested in Personal House Slave Opportunity?  Apply!

Would it be possible to be a Personal House Slave do all of that and have a job that generates income?  If you think it is not then this position is not for you. I have a full-time vanilla life and a job, in addition to being a full-time professional dominatrix.  Thus, it is possible, but it is not for you.

Never Truly Yours,

Mistress Paulina