Do you crave to be humiliated publicly? Are you a pathetic sissy? Does living on the edge of public humiliation and exposure excite you? Do you wish to be in my control and have me decide if you need to be punished by being publicly exposed on my wall of shame?

You will send me the most humiliating pictures you have of yourself in sissy attire and in the most degrading situations. In doing this, you get the thrill of being totally in my control and your public exposure is at my whim. You will live every moment with this excitement that can only be provided by giving up control to me. You realize that this could lead you to public exposure, depending upon how good of a sissy you are. If you do misbehave, then it will give me so much pleasure to expose you to the entire world – and my posts are reblogged regularly so they will always stay in the top search results of Google. Go to My SERVE ME page.

Due to Twitter and IG sensorship, I will be posting your pictures on this site for all to see.  So be a good gurl and send me your most humiliating, revealing, and degrading pictures enjoying me on an exciting journey of sissy exposure. Do it now slave!