This is blog entry is more on the line to keep all my subs and slaves calm.  Last time, I “dropped off the planet”, some of you launched a search and many have panicked.  I heard that one was even admitted to the mental institution.  Thou, something tells me that I was not solely responsible for that occurrence.  This time, I am not going anywhere.  I am simply moving, again.  After arriving to Florida, it took me a while to make up my mind to where exactly I want to settle.  It took me a while to find the the place that I can call home.  I know, I took a break from all the social media, but it was a lot of work to move all my possessions.  Why would not I let slaves help me?  Privacy is the answer.  I am simple got fed up with a bunch of horny, delusional dudes hiding in the bushes near my home, stroking their cocks and wishing that maybe one day I would return their “love”.  So, I finally found a place where everything is perfect to suit my needs. It even has a dungeon built in the back of the house, which I am finishing right now and it is located right next to the pond with alligators.  Slaves better behave!  Who needs security dogs when you have nature protecting you?  Anyone wants to apply for Domestic Servitude position? LOL

Well, I am back to organizing all my possessions, whips, dildos, shoes… and going back to social media and other platforms. 

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Mistress Paulina