This post is dedicated to all of you my devoted followers, sissies, fags, small dick losers, clit-dick losers, just losers, married men, lonely men, men in skirts, Trannys, submissive, slaves, pay pigs, and young, very young boys.   Here, I would like to say that I appreciate your loyalty.  I have not been on Streamate for close to a year now.  I had some personal business to take care.  After my departure from Streamate, a few of you searched the Internet and discovered my social media accounts, as well as NiteFlirt, SextPanther, etc. and begged me to come back.  It felt great.  It has been almost two weeks now, since I got back to Streamate.   I would admit that I almost cried from the welcome that you have given to me.  Most of you not only remembered me, but greet me with cheers.  I assumed it has been a long time.  Although, I am known as a hard core, ruthless Russian Dominatrix, you softened my heart and I almost cried.  All of you were so happy to have me back online.  I am happy to be back and I can assure that I would never leave you like that even again.  Camming is my venue to happiness.  Thank you fo been my loyal boys.

Always Yours,

Domina Paulina