While I, Mistress Paulina, maintain complete control over my scenes and prefers an origin chemistry to checklist, here are few of my interests.

I prefer a sub to be prepared and have done their research before contacting me, then either sending prior to contact or being ready to tribute when necessary

I live for Embarrassment and Degradation and Erotic Humiliation..  Sissification and Feminization are my favorite.  I can turn you into a pretty slutty dolly. I get off on brining out your femme self.  Putting you in Chastity and Keyholding is my specialty.  Find the cage that fits you without hurting, and contact me appropriately.   How many do know the difference between a sub, a slave, a fetishist, someone just with a kink or fantasy, a masochist, a sadist, and where those lines blur?   

On your knees.  Are you ready tio submit?  See my Fetishes below!

Here is how you can contact me, Fetish Domina Paulina.  Pick your favorite perv site:

iWantClips                          NiteFlirt                           CAM

❤️  Bondage:  Cuffs, duck tape, mummification, plastic wrap, self bondage
❤️  Impact:  Bare-handed OTK spanking, paddling, flogging, caning, whipping.
❤️  Selected Strict Role-play:  Mistress/slave, Mommy, Teacher/student, Military/interrogation, Religious, Therapist, Authority Figure – you buy me an outfit.
❤️  Disciplinary:  Pet, domestic, service, slave training, corporal training, behavioral modification and even feminine etiquette.
❤️  Body Worship & Adoration:  Receiving foot and leg worship, armpits, hands, muscular massage, hair brushing, foot worship, glove worship, shoes worship, heels worship, latex worship, Barefoot, Boot, dirty feet, high heel, socks, toes, corset, fishnets, jeans, mask.
❤️  Asphyxiophilia: Smothering, Hand on throat, Forced Inhalation, Breath Control

❤️  Tickle torture:  I know all of the sensitive spots…
❤️  Nipple Torture:  Nipple Clamps, clothespins, fingers, and nails.
❤️  CBT:  Chastity, ball-busting, weight training, rope restraints.
❤️  Trampling:  Bare feet, stockings, boots, and/or heels.
❤️  Sissification/Feminization:  Eamasculation, Painal, Cuckolding Fantasies, Chastity, Strap-on worship, Application of makeup to completely dressing up from head to toe.
❤️  Medical play:  Light Needles, staples (you bring your own instruments.
❤️  Hypnosis:  Mind games, brainwashing, intox, poppers+ control over deep fantasies less difficult to act out fully subconsciously tapped, assignments / games.  (online only)
❤️  Humiliation:  Physical, verbal privately or publicly (I love leading you by a leash), Dehumanization, Objectification, Human FurnitureSpitting Slapping, Cum Eating Instructions, Forced bi (online only) etc
❤️  JOI:  I love instructing people on how to pleasure themselves…but only after satisfying me first. (online only)
❤️  Women/Couples/Trans/Shemales:  OH, YES!  I am a true pansexual + adore turning on as many individuals as possible.

❤️ Co-Domination:  There are two options you can choose from: A.) If a multiple Domme session interests you, do send Us both an email with an Introduction, your limits, and We will take it from there.  B.) I have two Dommes that do double sessions with in Sarasota.
❤️  Financial Domination:  In addition to My appreciation of gifts, I also partake in fine dining, traveling, spa treatments, professional massage, and shopping to name a few. Consensual Blackmail fantasy,
❤️  Domination: Boot domination, Rubber domination, Face Sitting, Face Slapping

❤️  Smoking: Human Ashtray

❤️  CFNM

❤️  Ignore

❤️  MILF (online only)

❤️  POV (online only)

I am your friend, a mentor, and as therapist



Minors, Vanilla Fuckbois, Entitlement, Switching for you, Submiting to you, Outdated Gender Roles, Providing Free Labour, Misogyny, Nudity on my Part

♦️  NO SEX:  I do not receive penetration or oral sex of any kind; no illegal or unsafe activity; no exceptions.