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You must understand that the ONLY WAY to find true balance in your life is through FULLY SUBMITTING to a mistress is confident in her entitlement to own YOU as HER PROPERTY.

I am a skilled aficionado in sissy training. I dare you to take a sneak peek at some of my FEMDOM clips that I created during my real-time sessions and imagine yourself on the receiving end of these glorious acts of humiliation.

While reading this list, which if these words entice you, make you curious, gets you excited, make you feel simply filthy?

Forced makeovers (LOL) or makeup application, high heel/boot cleaning and polishing

corset training, posture training, how to walk in heels, makeup application, voice-altering (How to sound like a woman), training in feminine gestures, cock cage ritual and key holding, the art of fellatio (how to suck a cock) stockings and garter belt wearing,

The list can go on – take a look at any cosmo magazine! LOL FOR EXAMPLE:

How to sound like a woman while cumming, orgasm denial, verbal humiliation geared at making you feel like a filth whore, How to eat your own cum like a real princess.

Cum Dump, Forced Feminization, Humiliation, Addiction (?), Forced Intox,(?)  Owned As (Female) Property, Sissy Training, Cross Dressing, (same as dressing up?)Dressing Up, lace (?) Panties, Small Penis Humiliation, Masturbation Instruction, Poppers, Mind Molding (?), Brainwashing, Blackmail, Public Humiliation, Glory Holes, Wild Thoughts, Flogging, Whips, Cuffs, Spreader Bar, Spanking, Spanking Bench, Gags, 24/7 control, Disgust, Cash Rape, Cum Denial, Boot Tongue Cleaning, Secret Thoughts, Slave Training, Interrogation, Mind Triggers, BBC Worship, Capture, Threat Of Being Outed, Edging, Begging, Key Holder, Assignments, Cash Cow, Pay Pigs, Chastity, Twisted, (?)Degradation, Sadistic, Dark Fantasies, Secret Sexual Needs, Cock Sucking Fantasies, Threat Of Exposure, Female Supremacy Worship, Forced Bi, Cock Worship. Yes? (I WOULD DUMP the YES)

So how excited are you NOW?

NOW is the time for you, DIRTY WHORE to release your INNER SLUT to me, YOUR MISTRESS. I will hold your hand and guide you through this magical mysterious world of feminization as you will trust ONLY ME and fantasize about slowly transforming into the perfect woman for me to abuse and use, the perfect fucktoy as I lift up your skirt, rip off your pretty pink lace panties and fuck your tight ass raw!

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