It is 2020 and it is the mids of the Pandemic out there.  Lately, I have been receiving a large number of requests to have a Real Life Session.   More and more, I find myself repeating over and over that is not safe to meet in person at this time.  A lot of the time, I feel like a mother telling a kid that it is not good to do so at this moment.  Thus, I decided to write this blog post, so I could direct you to it.

In short, I will not be scheduling any real life sessions for as long as the Pandemic is not under control.  But even then, it might be the case that I will take extra time not meeting anyone face to face even after it becomes all normal, just to be sure.

Some do not care about the Pandemic and want to meet face to face.  Yes, it is understandable that men “go crazy” and are under a lot of stress and have no avenues to release the tension.  One is at home stuck without any possibility to go to the bar, or to top that men are on the lockdown with their children.  Yes, see a Professional Dominatrix will be incredibly helpful to one.  However, one does not think a bit about putting Her at great risk during the Pandemic. 

Personally, I do take Pandemic very seriously, for there is no social distancing is possible in most scenarios. For example, if your face is stuck in my ass, there is no way it is 6 feet apart, right? 

The fundamental principles of BDSM are safe, sane, and consensual.  Being a Professional Dominatrix comes with responsibilities. The profession has ethical standards.   Obviously, meeting during the Covid Pandemic is not safe.  If it happens it will be in direct violation to a code of behavior.  Most importantly, if a man does not care about safety to begin with, I would not want to be involved with one.  I refuse to meet in persona anyone who is not safe. 

Sometimes, I get comments like, but don’t you need money?   This makes me very sad.  Obviously, I am not pressed for money.  My heart, however, with many sex workers who fall through the cracking coronavirus assistance in the United States of America. Many sex workers luck paperwork to apply for unemployment benefits.  It is unfortunate that, so-called, submissive men put the sex workers under the pressure.  

For that very reason not only I will not see one during the Pandemic, but I am putting it all in my notes to make sure that even after the Pandemic I would not see anyone who is requesting sessions now. 

Stay Home – Say Safe!

Mistress Paulina