Here is a special Thank You to one of my oldest subs, who is dedicated to his service throughout many years. He must be the role-model to all new submissive and slaves, and maybe some of the seasoned ones as well.

The bottom line, a submissive must know a Dominant and all about her to truly please her. It is plain simple, yet many subs are choosing to ignore. It is understandable that it is not an easy task. Getting to know the personal life of the Dominant lady, especially when one is a Pro Domme, who charges a hefty price for her communications with subs, is challenging, yet possible if one is devoted. Sometimes, it takes years.

As I am writing this, I am looking at my dest at the packet of seeds. I am smiling. A few days ago, I have received the package in the mail. I do share my P.O. Box with those whom I trust. Inside of the package, I found seeds and a beautiful card! It was a wonderful day. The smile did not leave my face for the entire day.

One of my hobbies is building the permaculture food forest on one of my plots. Thus, receiving the unique seeds was a definitely a treat. I can’t even describe of excited I am to plant these seeds. Soon, the large variety of sunflowers will fill my garden with bright yellow flowers. I am thrilled to harvest and to taste it. I am so happy that I can almost feel the sweet taste in my mouth already. Some, I would feed to my chickens. And of cause, my favorite tomatoes!! What a wonderful gift.

Thank you Eithan for making my day brighter.

Mistress Paulina