Six Things That Kill Your Dick

Here is a good advice to your small dick.  Let’s make is smaller.  Let’s make ids shrink.   Is it still functioning? Well let’s work on it!

  1. SUGAR: Sugar affects the body’s testosterone production, making it tough to make it go up.
  2. INADEQUATE SLEEP: Sleep is essential for testosterone production.
  3. ALCOHOL: Alcohol lowers your testosterone levels.
  4. RUNING TOO MUCH: Running 40 or more miles s week can drop your testosterone level by 17% according to a University of British Columbia research.
  5. SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME INDOORS: Vitamin D production in the body is important in the production of testosterone.
  6. SOY: According to a Harvard Medical School research, direct correlation between soy consumption and having an ability for it to go up.