Sissy Party is a great way for a dome to entertain. Although I have not been much online, while taking care of my Vanilla matters, I did go to a few wonderful parties.  One of them was Sissy Manor, here down in Florida.  A few good friends of mine arrived from Los Angeles, California.   It was a perfect opportunity to see them.   We had a lot of fun.  Sissies were very busy, working day and night pleasing the Goddesses.  They looked so good in makeup and their fluffy dresses.  Most could wear high heels well and we even had a fashion show and prizes.  One night, sissies were forced to play with each other and it was pleasant to see the show.   Ah, perfect tropical weather, cool breeze, gorgeous outfits, cocktails, and tons of smiles.  The pool time was fun too!   It was a few days of non-stop naughty activities and by the end, everyone was exhausted but very happy.  Sissy party is the way to go.

Well, look at the pictures.  Don’t you want to be at that party?  Of cause, you would, but most of you are not in Florida.  You can always reach me on SextPanter or NiteFlirt or even LiveCAM or see a movie or two that I have made.