CLEAN MY SHOES said Domina Paulina
Why don’t you come closer and scrape all this dirt. You have no idea where I have been walking. You are a very dirty boy. My shoes are always dirty. I walk in my high heels on the dungeon floor. Look! Do you like my long legs? Are you turned on? I did not tell you you can get turned on. Scrape this dirt off my shoes. Use your tongue. Clean it. Lick it. Hahaha. I should probably demonstrate of how to do it. I will grab your face and shovel my dirty shoes in it. My stinky shoes, mmmm. I will take this gorgeous shoe and will put it right onto your face and tie it up with the duck tape. I want you to sniff it and go to bed with the stinky shoe on your face. Why don’t you come closer and suck this high feel. Scrape the dirty, you are my bitch boy. You will be my shoe cleaning slave, dirty filthy slave. You will be living by the trash can in the alley and sniff and clean my shoes. Maybe, I should lock you up in the trash can. Hahah. Alright, you are dismissed. Go clean my shoes. Domina Paulina