Latex outdoors become an easy thing for me to do, for I am finally living in the sunshine state where the weather is beautiful 360 days per week. Yes, even in Florida, we do have winters, all those few days.  Wearing latex outdoors is natural to me, for I am a lover of heat and humidity.  The waters are always warm, so swiming in latex is extra pleasant.   Latex outdoors looks good!  The sun rays bring out beautiful vibrant colors to shiny rubber.  I expected to pick more stares at the beaches, for it is a conservative South after all. To my pleasant surprise, most were respectful, just admiring the beauty  …wondering along the shores and enjoying sun.

I’m not saying that latex latex garments are stiflingly hot by nature or one is sweating in it.  Latex takes on the temperature of your surroundings, so for someone who loves nature so much it is the perfect outfit.  It makes me feel as if I am all together with nature, a part of nature…. I feel free.

Most of the time, I wear latex to the events and parties. So welcome to reach out to me if you are interested to experience what it is like to go to the fetish event with the goddess, dressed in latex.  Going to the events obviously is not free, but sure worse it.  Go to my contact page to place that request and I feel like and / or available, I would let you know what is going on in regards to the events, so we can pick the best. CONTACT PAGE

Latex Outdoors, all Latex dress for the events – Ah latex, I love latex… what can I say!

If you are really obsessed, you can go to my niteflirt account to get 24 exclusive pictures, me wearing latex.