Divine Mistress Paulina Shares with only a select few a Divine Vision From Her Magnanimous Mind as A Living Goddess Among Nature. This Vision is Mistress Paulina’s Own Fetish Art. Its inherent beauty, range, and dynamism is as broad as Her Wisdom as The Supreme Ruler of Her Magical Forest. By Reaching within Her Innate Goddess Soul, Mistress Paulina is able to grasp the majesty of Nature and Magic in Her Artwork.

Mistress Paulina combines Her Feminine Intellect with Refined Power to produce paintings with acrylic, oil, and other mediums that take Her fancy as colorful and vivid representations of Her Vision of the World as A Magical Eden for Women. Mistress Paulina truly Loves to paint and Her Dream as an Artist is married to Her ability to excite and draw you into Her Amazing World of Wonders. Now Truly is Her Time to share the Ecstasy Contained in Mistress Paulina’s Fetish Art.

Art Produced by Mistress Paulina is naturally to be commercially available to a select few truly appreciative people of what can only be described as the Divine Craft of a Matriarch. Mistress Paulina’s Fetish Art is a Jewel that crystallises from The succinct beauty of Herself as a feeling and Thinking Mistress of Art. Her creations will fuse the serene with the surreal and will naturally feature many different renditions of the Sublime Mistress Paulina Herself as She Reigns Supreme in a Frame of Exquisite Beauty. Mistress Paulina makes sure that Her love of the visual art is translated directly into a high value creation that will be considered nothing short of a precious treasure.

Mistress Paulina’s Fetish Art will cover many subjects to tantalise both sense and cultural memory, all derived from Her experience as an Empowered, Dominant Woman that lives in the true Magical Forest Kingdom that She controls with Her own hands and imbues with all the Magic that She Possesses as a Modern-Day Sorceress.